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Farrokh Arazm

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Ph.D.: Microwave & Communication, Electrical Engineering Dept. Sheffield University, U.K., 1979
M.Sc.: Microwave & Communication(M.Eng.), Electrical Engineering Dept. Sheffield University, U.K., 1975
B.Sc.: M.Sc. in Electrical Eng., Faculty of Engineering, University of Tehran, Iran, 1970

Research Interests

Design of Cranked Line Antennas
Single Polarized BTS Antenna
Duel Polarized BTS Antenna
FZP Antenna
Electromagnetic Compatibilities
Field and Waves

Current Researches

Design and Optimization of Double Ridged Guid Horn Antenna


Electromagnetic Wave Propagation
Physics 2
Electromagnetic Engineering
Fields and Waves

Selected Publications

1) A.C Resistance of Bimatel Wire Fenni Faculty Publication, 1974.

2) Nonlinearities in Metal Contacts at Microwave Frequencies IEEE. Transaction on EM Compatibility, Aug. 1980 Vol. 22, No. 3.

3) Electromagnetic Field Induction on Transmission Line, University Publication Center, (Translation ), 1983.

4) Freznell Antenna as Reciver and Transmitter, ICEE, 97 Proceedings, The 6th Iranian Conference on Elec. Eng.

5) Design of Dual Polerized BTS Antennas, Journal of Faculty of Engineering, Vol 36, No.1, Spring 2002 .

6) Optimum Design of Multi-Leyer FZPA with High efficiency, Journal of Faculty of Engineering, Vol.38, No.1, Spring 2004.