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Ali Afzali-Kusha

Phone.Number: 61114920
Email: afzali [AT]


Ph.D.: Electrical Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, U.S.A., 1994
M.Sc.: Electrical Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, U.S.A., 1991
B.Sc.: Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, 1988


Head of Nanoelectronics Center of Excellence
Director Low-Power High-Performance Nanosystems Laboratory
Head of Electronics Division

Research Interests

Low-Power Integrated Circuits
Low-Power Digital systems
Reconfigurable Computing
Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnology
Advanced Semiconductor Modeling
Optoelectronic Device Modeling
Substrate Coupling
Information Systems
Laser Tissue Interaction

Current Researches

Low-Power Network on Chip/System on Chip
Low-Power Circuits and Systems


Nanodevices and Their Integration
Advanced Semiconductor Devices
Low-Power Digital Integrated Circuits
Lasers and its Biomedical Engineering Applications

Selected Publications

1) D.Sharjerdi, B.Hekmatshoar, A.Khakifirooz, and A.Afzali-Kusha,"Optimization of the VT-Control Method for Low-Power Ultra-Thin Double-Gate SOL Logic Circuits," The VLSI Journal of Integration, Vol.38, issue3, January 2005, pp.505-513.

2) S.H.Rasouli, A.Khademzadeh, A.Afzali-Kusha, and M.Nourani"Low-Power single and double edge-triggered flip-flops for high speed applications",IEE Proceedings-Circuits, Devices and Systems, Vol.152, No.2, pp.118-122, April 2005.

3) B.Afzali, A.Zahabi, A.Amirabadi, Y.Koolivand, A.Afzali-Kusha, and M.El Nokali,"Analytical Model for C-V Characteristic of Fully-Depleted SOL-MOS Capacitors",Solid-State Electronics,Vol.49, No.8,pp.1262-1273,August,2005.

4) S.Sharifi, J.Jaffari, A.Hosseinabadi, A.Afzali-Kusha,and Z.Navabi,"Simultaneous Reduction of Dynamic and static Power in Scan Structures",in proceeding of the 15th Design, Automation and Test in Europe,7-11 March, Munich, Germany,2005,pp.846-851.

5) M.Saneei, A.Afzali-Kusha, and Z.Navabi,"Sign Bit Encoding For Low Power Applications", in proceeding of 1th Design Automation Conference, Anaheim, U.S.A.,June2005,pp.213-217.